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Actress. Writer. Full-Time Hustler.

Ohio bred. California made. Strongly influenced by Mindy Kaling, Pink Berry, Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, Einstein and the phrase YOLO.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandala


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Name's Bornancin... Ashley Bornancin

It always sounds cooler and way more famous when you hear people's bios in the third person voice, so pretend someone else wrote this. Obviously this person was in love with me and saw that I have no character flaws whatsoever. I warned you in advance. Enjoy :)

Ashley Bornancin is a sprite young chap who is taking Hollywood by storm with her mini Jenny Slate good looks and her John Cena voice (If you don’t get these references you obviously haven’t stalked her enough, and to that I say shame on you. But also, I guess that’s what this is for, so I dare continue.)

Hailing from Westlake, Ohio, Bornancin came out of nowhere on the Hollywood scene impressing the world with her charm, quick wit and adaptability on set. It was as though she never even struggled. Wow, talk about luck. 

But then again, luck isn’t a part of Bornancin’s makeup. She models her career and lifestyle of those she admires, from Mindy Kaling, Rachel Bloom and Lena Dunham, to The Rock, Steve Jobs and Kevin Hart. When people told her she was just another white girl in Hollywood, and basically… good luck! She decided to take the reins of her career and started writing, producing and getting her face out there. 

She is now an award-winning actress, writer, and producer who is making a freaking splash in the comedy world.. She can be seen in TV shows including BROAD CITY and SCANDAL and can be heard voicing the leads of Seth Green’s CAMP WWE, a new hit adult animated comedy series. She also voices the lead of a new series that is set to debut in 2018, along with a terrific cast and crew.

Beyond her work in television, film and animation, Ashley is a firm believer in producing your own content and co-created the original award-winning series, We’re NOT Friends with Don DiPetta. The comedy duo has received praised for not only their acting, but for their writing and producing, and have won multiple awards on the festival circuit. Season one of We’re NOT Friends is currently streaming online, and season two of the heartfelt series is already underway. Bornancin is also an Alzheimer’s Advocate and created the documentary COLD HANDS, WARM HEART, published by Maria Shriver, which shares her family’s story through her mom’s illness. She believes sharing stories is powerful and can lead to global change.

What the Peeps Be Sayin'

  • “I just watched all six episodes and honestly, I LOVE IT! you have a really nice dynamic going there and it has A LOT of great possibilities. You’ve set up excellent side-characters with plenty of room for expansion and I really appreciate the balance it maintains between comedy and drama. These characters are very real and very three-dimensional. If this was on Comedy Central in half-hour form next to Broad City, I would totally watch it! In fact, I subscribed to your YouTube channel and look forward to new episodes. I’ll spread the word as much as I can. Ashley and Don, you are both doing something really excellent here! You probably don’t need me to say that, but hey, you got me hooked, so that says something. You’ve made characters that I think viewers will really care about. Keep doing what you are doing!”

    Allan Raible, Entertainment Critic
    ABC News
  • “I just finished “We’re Not Friends.” Sheer delight. Laugh out loud funny and great heart. Each episode demands you watch the next.”

    Matt Nelson
    Executive Producer & Writer, BOY MEETS WORLD, GIRL MEETS WORLD
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Ashley last year on my animated series for DreamWorks TV, “Fifi: Cat Therapist.” We had access to all of the top VO people around town and auditioned dozens for the role that Ashley landed. She was a pleasure to work with in the booth, took direction easily and really nailed the part. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

    Mike Blum
    Owner "Pipsqueak Films" / DreamworksTV
  • “I must admit that Ashley Bornancin has the skills to turn any critic into a promoter. We’re NOT Friends is a breath of fresh air. It’s very well produced and the plots are simple, but witty. In all honesty, We’re NOT Friends is testimony that both Bornancin and DiPetta are taking their work seriously and going somewhere in life. A lot of comedy nowadays is based on stereotypes, a typical us versus them attitude, whether its gender, nationality, race, and etc. Bornancin and DiPetta, in looking beyond such issues, respond to the human need. There is a difference. This can get global.

    Warlock Asylum International, 700,000 subscribers
  • “In my opinion, if the rest of the episodes are funny, like this one, or more, that can be really successful web series. I like the way, the characters are portrayed. They are very convincing, real. They don’t fake anything. I think in time, the viewer will easily identify with those characters. The idea which Ashley and Don had is really funny and interesting. It’s a whiff of fresh air compared to what television gives us. I’ll happily spend a few minutes every week with those two.”

    Caroline, Entertainment Critic
    Movie & TV Series Geek Blog




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